Jungle Cruise to premiere on Disney+ at the same time as in cinemas

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Dwayne Johnson has confirmed his new film Jungle Cruise will launch on streaming service Disney+ on the same day it is released in cinemas – on July 30.

The film, inspired by the Disneyland theme park ride of the same name, also stars Emily Blunt and will be the latest Disney property to launch on streaming at the same as in cinemas.

It will follow villain origin story Cruella, which is released next month, and Marvel film Black Widow, which is released in July, which will also have simultaneous releases.

All three films will be offered on Disney+ with Premier Access, which requires an additional fee.

In Jungle Cruise Johnson plays wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff, while Blunt plays intrepid researcher Dr Lily Houghton, who travels from London to the Amazon jungle and enlists Frank’s services to guide her downriver on his boat La Quila in a bid to uncover an ancient tree with unparalleled healing abilities.

The film follows the duo as they encounter dangers and supernatural forces lurking in the lush rainforest.

Johnson announced the release news in a shirtless Instagram video filmed in his gym. in which he said he wanted to give people around the world a choice in how they watched the film.

He wrote: “On JULY 30th JUNGLE CRUISE hits theaters AND your homes worldwide.

“It’s a pleasure to say WE’RE BACK IN THEATERS! And it’s a pleasure to say, WE WILL ALSO COME TO YOU!

“Join my ace Emily Blunt (the female Indiana Jones) and myself on THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME as our DISNEY’s JUNGLE CRUISE hits theaters and your living rooms ON THE SAME DAY – JULY 30th.

“The most important thing with our movie was to ALWAYS take care of families around the world by giving you options to watch it.

“Audience first.

“Let’s own our 2021 comeback as we get back into the swing of life – ALL ABOARD!!”