'Justice League' composer Danny Elfman doesn't reckon the feted 'Snyder cut' even exists

Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros)
Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros)

Danny Elfman, legendary movie composer, worked on the Justice League movie, and he's saying that the supposed 'Snyder cut' of the film does not exist.

Last week, the likes of Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot joined those calling for the supposed cut of the movie by original director Zack Snyder to be released by Warner Bros.

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Some, including Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman, even reckon they've seen it.

To add some background, Snyder, who made DC movies Man of Steel and then Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, had to quit making Justice League following the tragic death of his daughter just as he'd finished filming and was about to head into post-production.

Joss Whedon was drafted in to edit the movie (he also re-shot some new footage), but the final result was a lacklustre affair, panned by critics, unloved by fans and said to have taken on an entirely different tone to that planned by Snyder.

Danny Elfman attends the premiere of Dr. Seuss' "The Grinch" at Alice Tully Hall on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
Danny Elfman (Credit: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

But now Elfman, who replaced producer Junkie XL on the movie's soundtrack, has thrown the notion of the very existence of a Snyder cut into doubt.

Speaking on the Big Reviewski podcast, Elfman said: “Well, the thing is, he never finished it.

“So, I don’t know quite how they’d do [a Snyder cut]. He had a tremendous tragedy, which forced him to not finish the film. I don’t quite understand this, because it wasn’t like he was fired, and that there is a Director’s Cut that is a finished movie and that the studio fired him and then hired Joss.

“When Joss came on the film, he stepped in with only a few days notice, to pick up the helm because of this terrible, terrible tragedy that happened.

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“So it is kind of a unique situation. I mean, there is definitely other movies where the director was fired, and a studio radically changed the movie because they didn’t like it. And as a fan, you go ‘I wonder what the director did, before the studio changed the movie.’ But I’m not really aware of how that dynamic would really apply here.”

Perhaps Elfman is wrong, and Snyder does have some kind of rough, pre-visual effects version of the movie that he later decided to work on, but it would surely be in no condition for a release, short of some huge monetary investment.

So it's overwhelmingly unlikely, despite some high profile celebrity support, that we'll ever see the fabled Snyder cut of Justice League.