Justin Timberlake slammed for wearing Time's Up pin over Woody Allen role

Ben Arnold
(Credit: Getty/Frazer Harrison)
(Credit: Getty/Frazer Harrison)

No doubt Justin Timberlake thought he was doing the right thing by wearing a Time’s Up pin to the Golden Globes this year.

He posted a snap with his wife Jessica Biel prior to the ceremony, his tuxedo lapel emblazoned with the badge.

Many stars wore the badge in solidarity over the Hollywood sex scandal, signalling that sexual assault and harassment will not stand.

But it wasn’t long before Timberlake was being pulled up on it.

The reason? His recent starring role in Woody Allen’s movie Wonder Wheel.

Allen has long been accused of the sexual abuse of his daughter Dylan Farrow, as well as other allegations of sexual impropriety, claims he has always denied.

Naturally, Twitter’s judgement was swift and decisive.

It wasn’t just Timberlake being called out, however.

Sam Rockwell, who appeared in Allen’s 1998 movie Celebrity, and spoke out against the ‘bullying’ in Hollywood last night, also caught some flack.

Farrow herself weighed in, retweeting this comment from another Twitter user.

She also added:

Timberlake is yet to address the criticism.

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