Karen Gillan 'didn't stop crying for days' after watching The Life of Chuck

Karen Gillan "didn't stop crying for days" after watching an unfinished version of 'The Life of Chuck'.

The 36-year-old actress features in Mike Flanagan's upcoming movie based on the Stephen King novella and explained that the story – about a man reliving his life in reverse order – tugged at her heartstrings.

Speaking to Collider, Karen said: "I saw a not-finished version of it, and literally didn't stop crying for days. In a good way.

"It's a cathartic experience. It's someone dealing with the end of their life, and it's told in a very imaginative way, and it's just beautiful. It's a celebration of life, I suppose. I think we could all do with a bit of that."

It is the second time that the former 'Doctor Who' star has collaborated with Flanagan after she appeared in his 2013 horror film 'Oculus' and she had glowing praise for the director.

Comparing her experiences with the filmmaker, Karen said: "You know what, it didn't feel that different. I was going into it like, 'OK, how has he changed? He's done so many movies.' (It) felt the same! We were back in Alabama like we'd never left.

"If there was any difference, I suppose he just felt more... I mean, he was relaxed on the first one, but maybe he wasn't, he was just pretending to be relaxed.

"But no, he was just the same Mike Flanagan, and brilliant and the movie is absolutely incredible."