Karen Gillan explains her 'sexist' Jumanji 2 outfit - sort of

There was more than a little furore yesterday over the seemingly rather stereotypically skimpy outfit being worn by Karen Gillan in the first on-set picture from the ‘Jumanji’ sequel.

Dressed in arguably inappropriate attire for jungle trekking (or possibly even for a nightclub), many were quick to accuse the movie makers of sexism.

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But the ‘Doctor Who’ star has assured fans that there’s a very good reason for the outfit.

She tweeted:

Her co-star Dwayne Johnson had also tried to assuage any concerns among fans yesterday, but being a chap, it was met with some scepticism.

The ‘dope 90s vintage costumes will all make sense when our plot’s revealed’, he said.

But many have drawn attention to his profuse insistence that she has ‘guts, nerve and talent’, while she has the ability to ‘stand her ground’ among her male co-stars as patronising.

Others compared her outfit to that of Bryce Dallas Howard’s from ‘Jurassic World’, in which she spent the majority of the movie in heels.

Gillan is playing Ruby Roundhouse in the movie, alongside The Rock’s Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Kevin Hart’s Moose Finbar.

Also among the cast are Jack Black and Nick Jonas, with Jake Kasdan behind the camera.

Whether the ‘big reveal’ about why Gillan is the only one in skimpy dress will be a satisfactory one remains to be seen.

The movie is due for release in July, 2017.

Image credits: AP