Folk aren't too impressed with Karen Gillan's 'Sexist' Jumanji outfit

Kevin Hart dropped the first picture of day one shooting the ‘Jumanji’ sequel yesterday, appearing alongside co-stars The Rock, Karen Gillan and Jack Black.

And it wasn’t just the vastly disparate size of Hart compared to Dwayne Johnson that has been picked up on.

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Nope, many were somewhat concerned with the choice of outfit for Karen Gillan’s character, Ruby Roundhouse, and whether it was strictly suitable for the jungle.

It is a bit on the skimpy side.

Many have taken to questioning the outfit online.

Another asked The Rock on his Facebook page: “Does the plot revolve around Ruby Roundhouse exposing her skin deliberately to get stung and bitten by a variety of strange insects?”

Helpfully, our Yahoo Movies US friend Khail Anonymous has re-imagined the picture.

The Hollywood Reporter has even written a satirical article on why she might be dressed as she is (including ‘she teleported into the jungle from a Michael Bay movie’ or ‘Maybe part of the plot involves setting the gender equality fight back 20 years?’).

Meanwhile, it fell to The Rock himself to comment, as he assured fans that the costumes ‘will all make full sense soon’.

Some were unconvinced by his reassurance.

And surely the sad fact of the matter is that her outfit already makes sense at the moment?

The movie, directed by Jake Kasdan, is due out in July, 2017.

Image credits: Instagram