Karen Gillan reveals hidden secret behind 'ladies of Marvel' viral photo

Karen Gillan gives us behind the scenes insight into the ‘ladies of Marvel’ picture.
Karen Gillan gives us behind the scenes insight into the ‘ladies of Marvel’ picture.

To mark the release of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle on December 20, we sat down with the awesome Karen Gillan to discuss the hugely entertaining Rock-led blockbuster (Rockbuster?), which really is genuinely fun.

But, we also had other blockbusters on our mind – namely, the Marvel movies that Gillan is firmly a part of, thanks to her completely bad-ass Guardians character, the alien warrior Nebula.

Karen Gillan talks about Marvel’s ‘cinematic event’.

First up, we had to ask her about that trailer for Marvel’s Infinity War. How did she feel when she watched it?

“My reaction was goosebumps. It was amazing. It’s going to be so epic. I’m honoured to be a part of it. I can tell that this isn’t going to be two movies, this is going to be a cinematic event for people. This has been building for ten years, and stuff that you learned ten years ago is going to be relevant now, so anyone that’s been following the Marvel movies is going to be more than satisfied.”

We were also big fans of that photo of the women of Marvel that went viral recently – and, as it turns out, when we shared that image, we were inadvertently witnessing history.

Remember that story about Tessa Thompson going up to Kevin Feige and demanding an women-led Marvel movie? The iconic #BadassLadiesOfMarvel photo was taken moments later.

“Everyone who had ever been in a Marvel movie came to set to do a photoshoot. And they threw a little party for us afterwards, so we were at the party having a little bit of cheeky champagne,” Gillan told us.

“And then Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson had the idea to go up to Kevin Feige and say ‘You’ve got to make an all-female Marvel movie, so we all circled him and said ‘Make an all-female Marvel movie!’ And he was like ‘That would be amazing.’ Then someone said ‘Can I take a picture of you guys?’ So that’s how it happened.”

As for Karen’s Marvel future, she’s recently moved into directing – would she be up for directing a Marvel movie?

“I would love to do that, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with people at Marvel and I really respect what they do. Although, I do feel like I’d like to create my own superhero from scratch, I think that would be cool. What powers would my superhero have? I don’t know yet, because I think I might do this, so I can’t give it away yet.”

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is in UK cinemas on 20 December.

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