Karen Gillan wants more dramatic roles

Karen Gillan wants more dramatic roles credit:Bang Showbiz
Karen Gillan wants more dramatic roles credit:Bang Showbiz

Karen Gillan wants to make more dramatic movies.

The 36-year-old actress - who is best known for her work in 'Doctor Who' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' - stars alongside Russell Crowe in psychological crime drama 'Sleeping Dogs' and she is keen to take on similar roles.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I don’t know if I really was looking for anything in particular, but I do want to dabble in the dramatic space a little bit more just because I’ve gotten to do a fair bit of comedy and genre stuff. So I wanted to exercise that [dramatic] muscle a little bit, but I was pretty open-minded. This just came along, and I always think a sure sign that I should do something is when I’m reading it and I start reading the lines out loud just because it’s fun. So it’s for no one’s benefit but my own, and that’s when I’m like, “Well, if I’m having fun doing this right now, I should probably go and do this for a job.”

Karen plays researcher and femme fatale Laura Baine, who Karen calls "very performative".

She said: "My interpretation of the character might not line up with everyone else’s interpretation, but I liked this idea that she was very performative. Maybe she studied people that she deemed to be intellectual and were really into classical music and sophisticated things that she could talk about at dinner parties. So I thought it would be fun for me to watch some YouTube videos of people that she might want to emulate and then do a little bit of an affectation. It’s not an impression, but it’s more like this feeling that she doesn’t seem totally genuine. There’s something going on there that feels a little performative."

However, Karen is also keen to make another 'Jumanji' movie.

When asked if there are any updates on the franchise, she said: "I don’t know. I’m sure it’s tricky to wrangle everyone’s schedules, but I haven’t heard anything about it other than the fact that we will be doing it at some point. So we’re all so enthusiastic about it. We all love working on those films, and it’s just a matter of when."