Karen Gillan and Zoe Chao to star in comedy Let's Have Kids!

Karen Gillan and Zoe Chao are starring in the comedy 'Let's Have Kids!'.

The pair have been cast in the movie that marks the directorial debut for Adam Sztykiel – who has penned the screenplays for films including 'Due Date' and 'Black Adam'.

'Let's Have Kids!' tells the story of lifelong best friends Emma and Phoebe (Gillan and Chao) who decide to have their first babies at the same time so they can navigate the challenge of motherhood together.

However, their friendship comes under strain when only one of them gets pregnant.

Sztykiel has written the script together with Ellie Knaus and the movie is due to begin filming this year.

Karen recently revealed that she wished to take on more dramatic parts after getting the chance to work alongside Russell Crowe in the psychological crime drama 'Sleeping Dogs'.

The 36-year-old star – who is best known for her roles in 'Doctor Who' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' – told The Hollywood Reporter: "I don’t know if I really was looking for anything in particular, but I do want to dabble in the dramatic space a little bit more just because I’ve gotten to do a fair bit of comedy and genre stuff. So I wanted to exercise that [dramatic] muscle a little bit, but I was pretty open-minded.

"This just came along, and I always think a sure sign that I should do something is when I’m reading it and I start reading the lines out loud just because it’s fun. So it’s for no one’s benefit but my own, and that’s when I’m like, 'Well, if I’m having fun doing this right now, I should probably go and do this for a job.'"