Keanu Reeves Just Turned Up At Parliament And No-One Knows Why

As the great man himself would say: “Woah!”

Just when you thought UK politics couldn’t get any stranger, things took a turn for the excellent earlier today when Keanu Reeves showed up at Parliament, although no-one really seems sure what he’s doing there.

Photos of the ‘Matrix’ star at Portcullis House started popping up on Twitter earlier, accompanied by captions asking “Why is Keanu Reeves in Westminster? Is he the new Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland?” and “I can confirm Keanu Reeves is NOT about to join the Shadow Cabinet.”

The picture above shows Reeves being photographed with Sky reporter Beth Rigby who says the star is at Parliament as a guest of Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon Nadhim Zahawi, but what he’s there to do is anyone’s guess.

Is Brexit about to become Point Brexit? Or is he about to embark on Boris & Nigel’s Bogus Journey?

Let’s just hope he reminds the politicians to party on, dude.

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Image credits: Twitter

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