Kevin Spacey wears 'Retired since 2017' cap after 'attempting to avoid court appearance' for sexual assault charge

Kevin Spacey continues to provoke public disapproval

Looks like Kevin Spacey is showing no sign of stopping the provocation of public disapproval.

After posting a bizarre video on Christmas Eve, in which he reprised his House of Cards role in an attempt to defend himself from dozens of #MeToo allegations, the actor donned a hat referring to his lack of work since the accusations went public.

In photos obtained by, Spacey can be seen wearing a baseball cap with the phrase “Retired since 2017” on it, referring to the year he was fired from House of Cards and replaced in All the Money in the World after actor Anthony Rapp went public with the allegations that he was sexually assaulted at aged 14 by the then-26-year-old.

Since those accusations were published in October 2017, dozens of more men have come forward with their alleged #MeToo experiences which have led to police investigations both in the UK and the US.

Kevin Spacey wears ‘Retired Since 2017’ hat

Scotland Yard is looking into several allegations against Spacey during his tenure as the Creative Director of the Old Vic theatre in London while prosecutors in Nantucket, Massachusetts, have charged the actor with indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping an 18-year-old busboy in July 2016.

According to police reports, the teen claimed Spacey bought multiple drinks for him after they were introduced at restaurant and bar, and made several suggestive comments, including inviting back his house, and even, allegedly, unzipped the teenager’s trousers to rub his penis through his underwear as they stood in a crowded area.

The District Attorney in charge of the case has filed a motion with the court to prevent Spacey from waiving his appearance at the arraignment hearing on January 7 after the D.A. office had received a copy of this motion.

“Allowing the defendant’s presence to be waived would be a direct violation of Rule 7, and his motion should be denied,” Michael Giardino wrote.

If Spacey is found guilty of the charges he could serve up to five years in prison or 2.5-year term at a house of correction as well as added to the sex offender registry.

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