Kiana Madeira got advice from After co-stars for new movie's intimate scenes

matthew noszka, kiana madeira, perfect addiction
Kiana Madeira on After stars' advice for new filmKrzysztof Wiktor/Prime Video

Kiana Madeira's newest film, Perfect Addiction, is due for release later this month.

Based on Claudia Tan's bestselling novel, Madeira plays Sienna, who discovers that her boxer boyfriend Jax, played by Matthew Noszka, has been cheating on her with her sister.

As a professional boxing trainer, Sienna decides that the best way to get revenge is to start training her man's arch-rival Kayden, played by 13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler.

The film is rated R in America, which means it's got some pretty sexual scenes in there, some of which involve Kiana's character.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Madeira talked about how her co-stars from the After film series (she starred in After We Fell and After Ever Happy) had advised her on how to approach the intimate scenes.

"I got to work alongside Josephine Langford and Hero [Fiennes Tiffin], and just speaking to them about their experience, especially doing those intimate scenes. I got to talk to them about that and their experience working with Castille [Landon]," she said.

"They were very reassuring that it was going to be comfortable and that Castille was great, so I definitely took that from it."

kiana madeira, ross butler, perfect addiction
Krzysztof Wiktor/Prime Video

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"We worked with an intimacy coordinator named Kasha and she was so great," the actress continued. "Even before we started filming, we talked about those specific scenes and we choreographed how they would go. We made sure that we were all comfortable with everything and very vocal.

"I felt very safe, and Ross as a scene partner was just great. He was always checking in with me, making sure that I felt comfortable. So, thankfully, it was a very positive experience."

Perfect Addiction will be released on Prime Video on March 24.

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