Leonardo DiCaprio’s Face When Lady Gaga Barged Past Him Was Superb

It seems the most talked about moment of the 2016 Golden Globes was not an amazing speech, or a deserving winner, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s superb reaction to Lady Gaga barging past him to collect her award. Watch the video above.

The pop star was on her way to collect the gong for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ when she pushed past DiCaprio’s table.


She seemed to be in a daze and didn’t notice that she knocked the ‘Titanic’ star’s arm on the way to the podium.

DiCaprio was chatting away and laughing with a fellow guest at this table when she walked past, then looked seriously freaked out when he saw that it was Lady Gaga who had knocked him.

His reaction was priceless.


The moment quickly began trending across the internet after it was captured on vine, and Leo was even asked about it at after the awards.

“Oh lord – that’s trending, huh?” he told ET’s Cameron Mathison. “I just didn’t know what was passing me – that’s all!”

In case anyone’s interested, Leo also WON a Golden Globe for Best Actor- Drama for his amazing performance in ‘The Revenant’, which also won ‘Best Picture - Drama’.

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