Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis 'freak out' on set of Freaky Friday sequel

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis have shared their excitement over reuniting to film the sequel to Freaky Friday.

The acting legends played mother and daughter in the iconic body-swapping 2003 comedy and are reprising their roles for a follow-up two decades later.

On Monday, both Lindsay, 37, and Jamie, 65, as well as Disney, took to social media to share the very first snaps of themselves on the set of the new movie.

Sharing a video via Instagram of herself and Jamie emerging from trailers, Lindsay excitedly wrote a caption stating, "We're back!" alongside a happy face emoji.

Jamie shared a photo of herself and Lindsay sitting outside their trailers and holding hands, writing, "WE ARE FREAKING OUT because the Coleman's are getting FREAKY AGAIN!"

She then shared a similar video to the one Lindsay shared, writing, "FREAK OUT TIME".

A photo alongside a statement from Disney revealed that the sequel film will be coming to cinemas in the not-too-distant future, writing, "The Colemans are back and coming to theaters in 2025! The sequel to Freaky Friday is now in production!"

In the original, Lindsay played grungy teen musician Anna Coleman who swapped bodies with her psychiatrist mother, Tess Coleman, played by Jamie, after they both read predictions made in fortune cookies.

The two end up growing closer and helping solve each other's problems before they swap back to their original bodies.

Teasing the project last year, producer Andrew Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter, "Trying to find an idea that also serviced Jamie and Lindsay but also worked in all these other characters, was one of the hardest things to do, but I'm telling you (the writer) just came up with this super funny, heartwarming idea."