Louise Thompson paid just 25 a day for Made In Chelsea

Louise Thompson paid just 25 a day for Made In Chelsea credit:Bang Showbiz
Louise Thompson paid just 25 a day for Made In Chelsea credit:Bang Showbiz

Louise Thompson has claimed she was paid £25 a day for 'Made In Chelsea'.

The 34-year-old star first appeared on the show in 2011 and went on to appear over nine seasons as the ups and downs of her relationship with co-star Spencer Matthews played out but Lucy now believes it was a waste of her education.

Speaking on Elizabeth Day's 'How To Fail' podcast, she said: "I came to London and it was a funny old time for me because I was trying to be a serious student up in Edinburgh and had cool friends up there.

"They're all a bit more academic and studious and then I was going to film on 'Made in Chelsea' where we were just filming in nightclubs and driving fast cars – that kind of thing.”

After initially starting on just £25 a day, she received a modest pay increase for the second season.

She said: "Then it went up to £50 after one series, and then after a while I was paid £200 a day and that was capped at that – that was the absolute max.”

Meanwhile, Louise recently revealed she will "never be mentally strong enough" to carry another child, following the traumatic birth of her two-year-old son Leo.

Louise has told how she watched herself almost "bleed to death" while she underwent an emergency C-section in November 2021, and she believes being awake during the operation "definitely contributed" to the development of PTSD.

Louise said she won't ever fall pregnant naturally again, but it is possible she could freeze some eggs one day.

Asked if she will ever be able to have kids again, she said on ITV's 'Lorraine': "It’s still fairly inconclusive. I will never mentally be strong enough to carry a child and physically I have something called Asherman syndrome, where my uterus is glued together with scar tissue.

"I suppose in one sense it’s a bit of a miracle that I didn’t have to have a hysterectomy, so I do still have a womb.

"I had a year with no periods, then I had a surgery to try and fix that and then that ended up in another haemorrhage, so where I am left currently is that the hospital have sort of said, 'It would be too threatening. We wouldn't want to do another surgery in that area. Let’s let you live.'

"Equally, I am so grateful to have one beautiful, healthy child who has lots of friends and cousins.

"I do have ovaries and embryos so there is a chance I could freeze some eggs ... when I am ready."