Love Island's Molly Smith and Tom Clare move in together

Molly Smith and Tom Clare have moved in together in Manchester credit:Bang Showbiz
Molly Smith and Tom Clare have moved in together in Manchester credit:Bang Showbiz

'Love Island: All Stars' winners Molly Smith and Tom Clare have moved in together.

The pair became a couple after joining the cast of the 'Love Island' spin-off show and they went on to win the series in February and now it's been confirmed that Tom has moved out of his flat in London which he shared with best pal Casey O'Gorman and set up home with Molly in Manchester.

The pair were grilled about their relationship status by 'Love Island' host Maya Jama during Sunday night's (09.06.24) episode of 'After Sun' with the presenter asking Molly, 29, and Tom, 24, whether they had managed to move in together yet. Maya said: "'Now I have heard you are moving in together, or have moved in already?"

Tom replied: "Moved in, yeah" and Molly added: "It started off with just a drawer [at my place] and then slowly but surely there were more and more things coming in."

Maya then asked: "Now you have moved in, is Tom messy?" and Molly replied: "No he's actually not, yeah. He's actually really clean."

Molly previously revealed moving in together was on the cards because Tom kept bringing more and more of his belongings to her home.

During an appearance on Olivia Attwood's 'So Wrong It's Right' podcast, Molly said: "He lives in Battersea but he's moving out. So poor Casey's probably thinking, Oh great. I'm stealing him. But he's moving in with me in Manchester.

"So I know people probably think like, 'Oh it's quite quick', but we've practically lived together from the day we've met, and he's practically living at mine now. Slowly but surely there's been drawers getting filled up."

Olivia asked: "So he's been moving himself in unofficially?" and Molly replied: "Yeah, his had his little plan all along."

Molly previously lived with another 'Love Island' boyfriend - Callum Jones - who she met on a previous series of the show. They were together for three years before splitting September and then they were reunited when they were both cast in the 'All Stars' season this year.

Molly ended up with Tom while Callum coupled up with Jess Gale, but they split just weeks after the TV show wrapped.