Lydia Bright fears TOWIE star James Argent will return to ‘old ways’ after split from teen girlfriend

Lydia Bright is said to be worried about her ex-boyfriend James Argent credit:Bang Showbiz
Lydia Bright is said to be worried about her ex-boyfriend James Argent credit:Bang Showbiz

Lydia Bright is "worried" about James Argent following his recent breakup.

The 35-year-old reality star started dating Stella Turian in September 2022, but he was left "heartbroken" when they spit earlier this month and now his ex-girlfriend and former 'TOWIE' co-star is said to be concerned about his mental health.

A source told OK! Magazine: “Lydia and [her mother] Debbie are obviously very concerned and rallying around him. He’s been back on track for a while now, but when something bad happens, he can go back to his old ways. He’s been through so much, and they’re worried he might turn to old habits after doing so well.”

Lydia, who had been in an on-and-off-again relationship with James since 2008, finally called it quits with him in 2016.

However, the pair have managed to remain on good terms, with Lydia telling New! magazine that she was “proud” of how he had achieved sobriety amid his appearance on Channel 4’s “Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins’, and that she will “always be grateful for what he did" for her life in general.

James -who also famously dated fellow 'TOWIE' legend Gemma Collins - reciprocated and said: “[I am] lucky to have her in my life and for us to be such close friends.”

Reflecting on his recent stint on the Channel 4 military-style show, James admitted that he was "completely done" and felt that he had to leave the series after "pushing [himself] to the limit."

He told OK! Magazine"I know in my heart that was the right time to leave because I had given it 110 per cent and I had nothing left, I was completely done. I know I was done, physically and mentally. And it got to a point where I was at the back, I just couldn't keep up and I had pushed myself to the very limit.

"I got beasted and I was just a broken man, and I'll be honest with you, even all that I've been through I've never really cried or been a crier but I basically had a breakdown and I cried like I've never cried before, I broke down."