Major Infinity War plot spoilers revealed by leaked LEGO sets


It feels like whenever a new Marvel movie is on the horizon, LEGO can’t keep a lid on the plot – with their intricate sets frequently giving away major spoilers.

Infinity War is no different, with new leaks appearing to reveal key elements of the movie.

You can see the sets over at ScreenRant, but we’ve fed the images into our J.A.R.V.I.S set-up to help click all the clues together, and work out what they could mean for the film.

That means potential MAJOR SPOILERS follow, so look away now if you don’t want your experience of Infinity War ruined!

Spider-Man has extra arms

One of the biggest reveals from the LEGO sets involves Spidey’s new costume.

In the comics, Tony Stark builds a suit for Spider-Man based on his own armour – we’ve already seen Stark offer Peter Park that suit in Homecoming, and we’ve seen from the Infinity War trailers that he accepts it – but what’s new in these LEGO sets is just how close to the comic-book ‘Iron Spider’ armour Spider-Man’s new costume will be.

In the comics, the suit features three extra arms. In the movie, Spider-Man will have FOUR new arms, which will bring a whole new dynamic to his fighting style.

The reveal comes from the Infinity War LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum set, which also shows Spider-Man fighting alongside Doctor Strange and Iron Man, as they take on Cull Obsidian (one of Thanos’ children / a key member of the Black Order), which is sure to be a major set-piece in the movie.

Tony Stark’s going to team up with The Guardians

So far, we’ve only seen Thor hanging out with the Guardians Of The Galaxy but, if these sets are to be believed, Tony Stark is going to join the crew to take on Thanos in an attempt to grab his Infinity Glove for good. Star-Lord and Iron Man together? The snark-levels are going to be off the charts!

Shuri’s going to join the fight against Corvus Glaive

We knew that Black Panther would be fighting alongside The Avengers, and it’s cool to see his little sister (such a scene-stealer in the Black Panther movie) getting in on the action.

The LEGO set set sees the royal pair attempting to protect Vision from the leader of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive – will the android Avenger survive the encounter?

There’s an Infinity Stone in Wakanda

Vision will be very happy about this.
Vision will be very happy about this.

Yeah, yeah – this one’s fairly obvious, but it’s the first official confirmation of the much-rumoured plot point and, going by the events of Black Panther, Captain America and company could have travelled to Wakanda for a whole host of reasons (including Bucky’s presence there, or to secure the huge stockpile of Vibranium that could be very useful in the intergalactic war to come).

But, going by the LEGO reveal of Captain America racing an Outrider to grab a gem that looks suspiciously familiar, they’ll be there to protect the final Infinity Stone from Thanos.

Bruce Banner is in the Hulkbuster armour

That might not be Tony Stark in there.
That might not be Tony Stark in there.

The last time we saw the Hulkbuster armour in Age Of Ultron, Tony Stark was using it to fight Bruce Banner’s green best pal. However, ever since the Infinity War trailer dropped, fans have been speculating that it’s the Hulk himself who puts it on to help him fight Thanos’ army.

The Hulkbuster LEGO sets confirm this, with one including Bruce Banner as an optional figure, despite the fact he’s nowhere to see on the box art.

Another set shows the scientist jumping out of the armour to fight Proxima Midnight for an orange gem (the missing Soul Stone from Thanos’ collection).

So, yeah, consider this fan theory confirmed.

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