Margot Robbie Confirmed To Produce And Star In Harley Quinn Spin-Off

It looks like that spin-off Harley Quinn movie with Margot Robbie is go.

Rumoured earlier this year, even before the release of ‘Suicide Squad’, the Australian actress has now signed a ‘first look’ deal with Warner Bros, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That means that the studio will get first dibs on material coming from the 26-year-old’s LuckyChap Entertainment production company.

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And among the projects she will be producing will be the Harley Quinn film, under the DC banner.

It will have helped no end that ‘Suicide Squad’, despite its terrible reviews, has raked in the cash for Warner Bros – it currently stands at a $701 million gross worldwide.

It’s thought that Robbie will not be alone in a Quinn spin-off either, with rumours that the Birds of Prey could be involved too.

An all-female superhero team, the Birds of Prey, funded by Batman, includes such characters as Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), Black Canary, a super-heroine sometimes linked the Justice League, and Oracle.

The movie would also compliment Warners’ forthcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ stand-alone, starring Gal Gadot in the lead, not to mention bolstering DC’s soon-to-be expanding cinematic universe, against its rival Marvel, run by Disney.

‘Wonder Woman’ is die out in June, 2017, with the ‘Justice League’ movie due in November, 2017.

Image credits: Warner Bros/DC Comics