Grease Writer Bursts 'Sandy's In Coma All Along' Fan Theory

A simple lyric from ‘Summer Nights’ – “I saved her life, she nearly drowned” – spawned a fan theory that’s been circulating the web since 2013.

For reasons known only to the cosmos, the theory started doing the rounds again last week.

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It proffers the tragic notion that Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy was not saved from drowning by Travolta’s charismatic greaser Danny Zuko.

In fact the events of 70s musical ‘Grease’ are a fantasy experienced in Sandy’s head brought on by a lack of oxygen while she’s slipping into a coma, as Danny tries to resuscitate her.

The flying red convertible at the end?

Well, that’s Sandy being whisked off to heaven.

It’s bleak… but now rather tidily debunked by someone with authority in the matter.

On hearing that the theory had re-emerged, Jim Jacobs, the man who wrote the book, lyrics and music for the stage and film version of ‘Grease’ has had his say.

“Whoever made up the theory must have been on acid,” he told TMZ, adding quite decisively, “Sandy was very much alive.”

Fan theorists beware. There’s usually someone out there with the ability to make you look a bit daft.

Image credits: Paramount/Reddit