Mark Wahlberg's 10 best movies

It’s been 24 years since Mark Wahlberg dropped his musical alter-ego Marky Mark and made his movie debut in Penny Marshall’s Renaissance Man. Since then Wahlberg has established himself as a versatile A-list Hollywood star with two Oscar-nominations to his name: one for acting in The Departed and one for producing The Fighter.

The 47-year-old is comfortable headlining prestige pictures like The Gambler, taking the lead in action thrillers like Transformers: The Last Knight, or playing for fun in raucous comedies like Ted, giving him a broad appeal at the multiplexes.

With his new action adventure Mile 22 in cinemas now, we thought it was time to take stock of the star’s huge back catalogue to find out which were his best movies yet. So, with help from IMDB’s ratings, here’s Mark Wahlberg’s 10 most popular films.

Mile 22 is in cinemas now.

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