Megan Fox Mocked On TMNT 2 Set Over 'Sexiest Woman' Title

Making a movie is a slow process and to fill time between takes actors will do anything to keep themselves amused.

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ star Will Arnett told us that he spent most of his time on set making fun of Megan Fox with co-star Stephen Amell.

Arnett says a scene shot in the back of a car left her open to some merciless ribbing: “She’s the 10 year reigning sexiest woman alive… As voted on by people who don’t know her. That’s the kind of thing I’d say to her.”

It wasn’t just the cast that were having fun on set. Director Dave Green revealed he got to relive his childhood by choreographing fights scenes using action figures.

“It was a lot of fun in prep to design some of the choreography and action. You’d see me designing a shot with action figures and my iPhone swinging the camera around,” he told us. “It was a huge blast to get to work on shots that way and design our pre-vis. Incredible.”

It also seems the producers were having a little too much fun as well. Producer Andrew Form explained that he “almost blew a take with Bebop and Rocksteady”.

“After you get the dialogue [you need] and let Gary (Anthony Williams) and Stephen (Farrelly) do their thing you can’t believe what comes out of those two,” he said. “I almost blew a take with Tyler (Perry). When he laughs in the opening scene it’s very infectious. On ‘take one’ you don’t know. You’re just watching and April [O'Neill] comes up to the table and he starts laughing”.

Co-producer Bradley Fuller added: “It’s a very funny laugh and he did it every time.”

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows’ is in UK cinemas now.

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