Oscars 2019: Melissa McCarthy spoofs 'The Favourite' in bunny dress

Melissa McCarthy paid tribute to Olivia Colman’s multi-award winning ‘The Favourite’ (Getty Images)
Melissa McCarthy paid tribute to Olivia Colman’s multi-award winning ‘The Favourite’ (Getty Images)

Oscar-nominated actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy poked fun at her rival’s film The Favourite at Sunday night’s Academy Awards.

Presenting the Academy Award for Best Design with Brian Tyree Henry, McCarthy wore a trailing Queen Anne themed dress adorned with a multitude of stuffed rabbit toys. Her balding ginger pate was a nod to Mary Queen of Scots, which starred Margot Robbie as a follically-challenged Elizabeth I.

Clearly paying tribute to Olivia Colman’s Oscar winning (Best Actress) role as Queen Anne in The Favourite, the audience roared with laughter as she entered the stage.

She even went one step further by acting as a ventriloquist by moving one of her rabbit’s feet as she said: “These artists create a pastiche of textiles with authenticity yet never distract from the story.”

As viewers of The Favourite will know, rabbits play a huge role in the film. Queen Anne is shown to have 17 pet rabbits, which represent the loss of her 17 children – which died either stillborn, were miscarried or died prematurely.

McCarthy who was nominated for Best Actress in Can You Ever Forgive Me? was applauded on Twitter for her elaborate costume. Some said she easily won best dress of the night, while others called for her to host the next Oscars, especially since this year’s was shockingly host-less.

McCarthy went on to use one of her rabbit’s feet to open the envelope for the Best Costume Design winner, which was rather ironically not for The Favourite, but for Black Panther.

The Favourite still proved to be a winner on the night. McCarthy lost out on Best Actress to Olivia Colman for her role in the historical comedy drama, and The Favourite was nominated for nine additional awards.

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