'Marrowbone' star Mia Goth: 'Suspiria' fans will love the remake (exclusive)

The Secret of Marrowbone hits UK cinemas on Friday, and it’s a chilling horror tale about a young family who appear to be haunted by ghosts of the past.

But there’s another heavyweight horror movie featuring Mia Goth heading to cinemas this year, in the form of the Suspiria remake. Goth thinks fans are going to be very happy with it. “I think they’re going to love it. I saw it recently and I was so proud of it and what Luca did. I’m very proud.”

The Suspiria remake has been compared to The Shining, which happens to be the scariest film Goth’s ever seen. “The Shining’s one of my favourite films of all time. It’s about blood and gore and all the typical things you might find in horror films, but [I liked it] more because of the psychological aspect and what happens when you are in such isolation like that, and to me that’s terrifying.”

But back to The Secret of Marrowbone, a film that twists and turns – how did Goth and co-star George MacKay feel when they first read the script?

“When I first auditioned for it, we didn’t have a script, we were just asked to prepare these scenes,” MacKay tells Yahoo Movies UK. “And in the doing of those scenes Sergio [G. Sánchez] explained the whole concept behind where this story goes and I thought that was fascinating. So I actually knew everything that happens before I read the script and so reading the script was a wonderful adventure in plotting all the things that lead to the way it works out.”

Four siblings seek refuge in an old home after the death of their mother. (eOne)
Four siblings seek refuge in an old home after the death of their mother. (eOne)

Marrowbone is a very classic horror movie, formally. If you watch it with the volume off it looks like a film from the ‘60s. I think it’s the Russian doll structure that it has that makes the movie different,” director Sergio G. Sánchez agrees.

“It took me a while to grasp fully everything that was going on,” Goth says. “But once I did have a handle on it, it actually made me very sad. It really made me quite heartbroken. Because you form such a connection to these characters, these people, then to have what happens happen… I just thought that was such a powerful thing to be able to read the script and feel so connected that by the end of it you have these very raw emotions.”

The Secret of Marrowbone is in UK cinemas on Friday.

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