Millie Gibson addresses Doctor Who future

Millie Gibson has addressed her Doctor Who future with Ncuti Gatwa credit:Bang Showbiz
Millie Gibson has addressed her Doctor Who future with Ncuti Gatwa credit:Bang Showbiz

Millie Gibson has insisted she could be on 'Doctor Who' for years to come.

The 19-year-old actress - who plays Ruby Sunday on the BBC's hugely popular sci-fi series - has shrugged off speculation about her future alongside Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor after confirmation she will be back in the TARDIS for series 15 despite reports claiming she was only attached for the upcoming 14th season.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, she said: "I know how it ends next season. But after that I can only guess.

"I might be here with a walking stick in a few decades."

Currently, there has been no firm casting news on the 16th season, with the 14th set to air soon and the 15th in production.

However, Ncuti recently teased the possibility of him playing the Doctor in a third season as he confirmed he's "not going anywhere".

Speaking to, he said: "I’ll be around for a while. You’re not getting rid of me yet."

There had been claims that Millie's character Ruby may not be Ncuti's companion in their second season together, and that she would only appear in a handful of episodes.

Hwoever, those reports have been dismissed and showrunner Russell T Davies has hinted she will have a big role to play.

He recently told SFX magazine: "Not leaving. Not at all. We were ordered for two years of a series off Disney, and we're delivering two years, and the Ruby Sunday story literally spans those two years.

"We are planning [to] shoot the [season twi] finale in which Ruby has the most magnificent scenes, and Millie, it's some of your most challenging material yet, isn't it? It will all make sense once you see it play out."

He described the speculation as "very unfortunate", while admitting he doesn't want to fuel the fire by responding to rumours.

However, he said: "You will see the love that we have for Millie and the extraordinary stories that Ruby's about to go on over the next two years. I guarantee you that.

"That is a problem with shooting the second series while you're still doing the first series.

"All sorts of problems can happen that way that we saw coming, but what do we do? Stop shooting? No. We're making such a good show."