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‘Final Destination’ (2000)

The concept is genius: Death is inevitable, so don’t try to cheat it. And given that this is a horror movie about a group of teens who escape an ill-fated plane crash after one has a premonition, the Grim Reaper comes in a fast and furiously gruesome fashion. Director James Wong stages some of the most inspired and elaborate kill-offs we’ve ever witnessed. (Available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.) — Kevin Polowy (Photo: Everett Collection)

The modern horror classics: Top 25 scary movies released this millennium

Thanks to such box-office hits as Get OutAnnabelle: CreationSplit, and, of course, the monster success that is It, 2017 is proof positive that moviegoers still love going to the theater to be scared out of their minds. And one could make the case that the genre has never been stronger than it’s been in the still-young 21st century. The past 17 years have seen the rise of global horror as a creative and commercial force, with new classics emerging from such far-flung locations as Australia and South Korea, along with domestically made features at both the independent and studio levels that push aesthetic and narrative boundaries. With Halloween on the horizon, Yahoo Entertainment is counting down the best horror movies released since 2000 and where you can see them. Be afraid … be very afraid. And be ready to sound off in the comments; we had to make some tough cuts (sorry, Pennywise!) to get this list to 25, so let us know your favorite movies that we missed.