Christoph Waltz gives painfully awkward interview for new movie 'Alita: Battle Angel'

Christoph Waltz (Credit: HeyUGuys)
Christoph Waltz (Credit: HeyUGuys)

Clearly Christoph Waltz has no desire – NONE – to explain what he’s up to in his latest movie.

Which obviously makes interviewing him about it somewhat problematic, as movie writer Stefan Pape discovered while merely trying to discharge his duties for HeyUGuys.

Asked in the most innocuous manner if he could give a quick overview for viewers of his character Dr Dyson Ido in the movie, he replies curtly: “No chance. Go see the movie.

“I can explain why I refuse: because that’s your job, not mine. My job was to play the character, for you to see. And for you to possibly form an opinion, and because you’re a journalist, write about it or report on [it].

“But if I did your job, would you do mine? Then I would do both.

“I don’t think an actor should talk about his character, because it’s shooting himself in the knee. Pulling the rug out from under himself.”

Well, this is going GREAT.

That said, he eases up a (little) bit after that, if remaining a thoroughly contrary throughout. Asked if having people like John Landau, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez involved in the movie made it easier to say yes to it, he replies: “No. It makes it more difficult.”

Asked what it was like performing what was most likely predominantly motion capture role, he adds: “What we do is what we do, no matter what. What they capture is their problem. Motion capture or not, we are still humans, and do what humans do.”

Check it out below…

And the coup de grace, when asked whether he’s about to direct a movie, he simply stares back at his interviewer.

“Did you notice my stare?” Waltz asks. “I can’t talk about it.”


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