Danny Trejo Hints At DC Anti-Hero Role

Has Danny Trejo just revealed his involvement with a DC comic book movie?

Appearing on Twitter, the 71-year-old Mexican-American actor hinted that he may have just bagged a role as DC anti-hero, Lobo.

“First rule of hunting, Super Dupe,” he said. “Make the target come to you. @DCComics

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Lobo first appeared in DC’s ‘Omega Men’ #3 back in 1983… and by 1990, the alien mercenary was given his very own series.

The last of his kind, Lobo killed his entire race simply for fun… and his name is said to translate as “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” Enjoying mindless violence and intoxication above all else, he nevertheless adheres to a strict personal code – that he will never violate any agreement he makes.

His exceptional strength and fortitude makes him a rather powerful adversary… and with his penchant for over-the-top violence, Danny Trejo could be the perfect choice for Lobo.

But will he be heading to the big screen?

That’s another question entirely… and some fans seem to think that the mention of ‘Super Dupe’ indicates that he could actually be joining the ‘Supergirl’ TV show. Considering the show’s focus on otherworldly criminals and villains, it does sound possible.

But with DC working on numerous big screen offerings in the coming years, perhaps there’s a slim chance that Danny Trejo could be gearing up to join the DC Cinematic Universe.

Either way, it looks as though one of DC’s more colourful anti-heroes will be appearing on screen in some way.

And Danny Trejo would be an excellent choice.

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Picture Credit: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros.