Jack The Giant Slayer to lose Warner Bros $140 million

Shocking loss for the Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Hoult fairytale fantasy film

Fantasy flop 'Jack The Giant Slayer' could cost Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures as much as $140 million (£93 million) in losses.

Though the Bryan Singer-helmed film, which starred Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Hoult, debuted at number one in the US chart, it was quickly hammered by 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'.

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The film never quite recovered, and is now expected to post losses of between $125 million and $140 million.

It is thought that a figure of $65 million in takings in the US and $140 million internationally will leave a huge financial chasm for the studio, considering the film's cost of well over $300 million (£198 million).

It will place the film somewhere between Universal's 'Battleship' and Disney's 'John Carter' in terms of losses, ensuring it will likely be one of the biggest flops of the year.

But luckily Warner has the $1 billion takings from 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' to counter the loss.

There's also the small matter of its impressive forthcoming slate, which includes the Superman reboot 'Man of Steel', 'The Hangover Part III' and '300' sequel '300: Rise of an Empire', all of which should do sturdy business for the studio.

We don't know how much cash 'Jack the Giant Slayer' will end up losing, but it looks set to enter the 'top ten' list of the biggest movie flops of all time - according to losses adjusted for inflation. The roll call of dishonour is below.

Top Ten box office bombs of all time

'Cutthroat Island' (1995) - Loss: $145,366,673
'The Alamo' (2004) - Loss: $144,859,553
'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' (2002) - Loss: $144,101,700
'Sahara' (2005) - Loss: $143,094,022
'Mars Needs Moms' (2011) - Loss: $138,803,841
'The 13th Warrior' (1999) - Loss: $135,473,291
'Town & Country' (2001) - Loss: $122,690,578
'Speed Racer' (2008) - Loss: $113,086,290
'Heaven's Gate' (1980) - Loss: $112,890,792
'Stealth' (2005) - Loss: 110,340,657