Josh Hartnett is a serial killer in first trailer for M Night Shyamalan's Trap

trap official trailer
Josh Hartnett is a killer in new trailer for TrapWarner Bros.

Trap, the new M Night Shyamalan film starring Josh Hartnett, has released its first trailer.

The film stars Hartnett as a dad who takes his daughter to a pop concert at a big arena, but as he excuses himself to go to the toilet, he notices cameras being installed and a lot of police presence.

He asks someone who works at the arena what's going on, and learns that there's been a serial killer going on a murder streak lately, and the authorities put on the concert expecting him to be there.

With cameras and security everywhere, and no-one allowed to leave, they intend to catch the killer in their elaborate trap.

trap official trailer
Warner Bros.

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But, M Night Shyamalan twist time! It turns out that Hartnett's character himself is the serial killer! Or he seems to be, as he had a live feed of a kidnapped man on his phone, and an evil grin on his face, while the lighting bathes him in a sinister red.

Has the trailer really given everything away, and will this be a film about the killer trying to escape this trap, with his teenage girl in the arena too, or is there another layer to things that we're not being told yet? We'll have to wait a few months to find out.

trap official trailer
Warner Bros.

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Shyamalan has been on a bit of a roll lately. His 2021 film Old may not have had the best reviews, but it performed well financially after getting everyone talking about it on social media.

His latest film, Knock at the Cabin, received a much stronger critical reception, despite the changes he made to the source material. Digital Spy's review called it straightforward but in the best way, with tight pacing and strong direction.

Trap will be released in cinemas on August 9.

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