Netflix finally removes footage of real-life disaster from 'Bird Box' months after public outcry

Bird Box (Credit: Netflix)
Bird Box (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix has removed news reel footage of a 2013 rail disaster which features in the movie Bird Box, but only two months after complaints from viewers.

The post-apocalyptic thriller, which stars Sandra Bullock, features a scene in which the actress is flicking between news programmes, all featuring footage of simultaneously unfolding disasters.

However, some of the footage was from the real-life Lac-Mégantic rail disaster in 2013.

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“Netflix and the filmmakers of Bird Box have decided to replace the clip. We’re sorry for any pain caused to the Lac-Megantic community,” the streaming site said in a statement given to The Wrap.

“The move was expected by respect for the victims of this horrible tragedy, their families and the entire community of Lac-Mégantic,” said Nathalie Roy, Quebec’s minister of culture and communications.

(Credit: The Canadian Press)
(Credit: The Canadian Press)

“This result shows that by being united and pooling our efforts, everything is possible.”

47 people were killed when a train carrying crude oil derailed in the town outside Quebec, destroying half of its downtown area on July 6, 2013.

Netflix came under heavy criticism for using the footage and passing it off as something else, with the Canadian Parliament condemning the studio, and demanding that it be removed from the film.

It later emerged that the same footage also featured in another Netflix show, Travelers, a Canadian-American sci-fi series, from which it was quickly removed.

Netflix initially apologised in a letter to the Canadian Parliament, but said it did not intend to remove the footage.

It’s not known what caused the studio to change its mind.