What to watch on Netflix in May 2024 from Bridgerton to Atlas

The society shenanigans of the Bridgerton clan are back, along with a new sci-fi actioner starring Jennifer Lopez.

What to watch on Netflix in May 2024 includes Unfrosted, Bridgerton S3, and Atlas. (Netflix)
What to watch on Netflix in May 2024 includes Unfrosted, Bridgerton S3, and Atlas. (Netflix)

We're about to go into a new month, which means there's about to be loads of new options for what to watch on Netflix. May 2024 brings the return of Bridgerton — the glossy costume romance we all love — as well as a big new sci-fi movie starring none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Comedy royalty is also due to step into the spotlight, with Jerry Seinfeld making his movie directorial debut. And if you prefer non-fiction, there's also a documentary exploring the chaotic events at the Wembley final of the European Championships in 2021.

So with thanks to What's On Netflix for the info, let's delve into the movies and TV shows worth getting excited about in the next month.

Hugh Grant plays Tony the Tiger actor Thurl Ravenscroft in Unfrosted. (Netflix)
Hugh Grant plays Tony the Tiger actor Thurl Ravenscroft in Unfrosted. (Netflix)

Let's face it, you want to see Hugh Grant as Tony the Tiger, don't you? Well, that's exactly what you'll get from Jerry Seinfeld's directorial debut. Unfrosted also stars Seinfeld as a Kellogg's employee working on a revolutionary breakfast pastry in the 1960s. They're battling in the pastry stakes against fellow breakfast manufacturers Post, run here by Amy Schumer.

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The whole thing is (very) loosely based on the story of how Pop-Tarts were created. Grant, meanwhile, plays Thurl Ravenscroft — the actor cast by Kellogg's to provide the famous voice of Frosties mascot Tony the Tiger.

If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, then we have to conclude that this is the most important movie of the year. Maybe.

The Final: Attack on Wembley tells the story of the 2021 Euros final. (Netflix)
The Final: Attack on Wembley tells the story of the 2021 Euros final. (Netflix)

The summer of 2021 was an amazing time to be an England football fan. Gareth Southgate's team made it all the way to the final of the European Championship, setting up a blockbuster clash with Italy. And better still, it was on home soil at Wembley.

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However, the run-up to the match was marred by some of the worst fan behaviour we've seen in the 21st century. The Final delves into all of that disorder, including interviews with those who were there and those who were responsible for trying to stop the mayhem.

Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields in Mother of the Bride. (Netflix)
Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields in Mother of the Bride. (Netflix)

Director Mark Waters etched himself into cinematic royalty in the 2000s when he made both Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Two decades later, he's on the romcom beat with this movie starring Brooke Shields as a mother surprised when her daughter (Mirands Cosgrove) returns home and announces she's getting married in Thailand.

Things get even more awkward for Shields' character when she learns that her daughter's fiancé is the son of a man who broke her heart years ago. The setup is ripe for comedic potential and, if not, there's plenty of lovely scenery to look at.

Nicola Coughlan takes centre stage in the third season of Bridgerton. (Netflix)
Nicola Coughlan takes centre stage in the third season of Bridgerton. (Netflix)

Bridgerton season 3 is due to be all about 'Polin'. If you're not familiar with fandom vernacular, that's the blended couple name for Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and her crush, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). These two are stepping into the spotlight this time around, with Penelope the new lead for this season.

Penelope's shifting relationship with Colin is at the heart of everything, but she's also working hard to keep her biggest secret — the fact she's society gossip-monger Lady Whistledown. There's sure to be plenty of drama and some beautiful frocks. Perfect!

In fact, the only person not watching this might be Nicola Coughlan's mother. Sorry!

Jennifer Lopez leads the blockbuster sci-fi Atlas. (Netflix)
Jennifer Lopez leads the blockbuster sci-fi Atlas. (Netflix)

J-Lo has become a bit of a talisman for the world of Netflix Original Movies, having led last year's action-thriller The Mother for the streamer. She's now taking on some heavy sci-fi machinery in Atlas. Bizarrely, in the current climate, this story is about a woman who must learn to trust artificial intelligence.

Lopez's title character hates AI at the beginning of the movie, but she must team up with one when a mission to capture a renegade robot inevitably goes awry. This one has regular Dwayne Johnson collaborator Brad Peyton behind the camera and looks like a fun festival of big, mechanical action sequences. Count us in!

Watch: Trailer for Jennifer Lopez sci-fi Atlas

Eric (Netflix)
Eric (Netflix)

From acclaimed screenwriter and playwright Abi Morgan (The Split/The Iron Lady/The Hour), new limited series Eric stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent, a puppeteer and creator of a hit kid's TV show, whose own son goes missing. Set in 1980s New York, the show follows Vincent as he becomes increasingly erratic and distressed in the hunt for his child, and convinces himself that the key to finding him is getting son's creation — Eric, a blue monster puppet — on screen.

“Eric is a dark and crazy journey into the heart of 1980s New York — and the good, bad, and ugly world of Vincent,” Morgan told Netflix, about the show which is directed by Lucy Forbes (This is Going To Hurt/The End of the F***ing World).

Every TV show and film premiering on Netflix in May 2024:

1 May

Deaw Special: Super Soft Power (2024)

Down the Rabbit Hole (2024)

Dr. Stone (multiple seasons)

Fiasco (S1)

Frankly Speaking (S1)

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar (S1)

Jujutsu Kaisen (S1)

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021)

Kin (two seasons)

Murder in Successville (three seasons)

Psych (eight seasons)

S.W.A.T. (multiple seasons)

Simon (four seasons)

The Mauritanian (2021)

Unnatural (miniseries)

2 May

24 Hours in Tesco (2024)

A Man in Full (S1)

Beautiful Rebel (2024)

Kaur (2022)

Love With Its Details (2023)

Secrets of the Neanderthal (2024)

T.P Bon (S1)

3 May

The Black Phone (2021)

Bullet Train (2022)

Kaur (2022)

Love With its Details (2023)

Postcards (S1)

Unfrosted (2024)

4 May

The Atypical Family (S1)

John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in L.A. (S1)

5 May

Katt Williams: New Comedy Special (2024)

Obituary (S1)

6 May

The Roast of Tom Brady (2024)

7 May

Hatton Garden (miniseries)

Super Rich in Korea (S1)

8 May

The Final: Attack on Wembley (2024)

9 May

Bodkin (S1)

The Guardian of the Monarchs (2024)

Mother of the Bride (2024)

Thank You, Next (S1)

10 May

Blood of Zeus (S2)

Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román (2024)

Living with Leopards (2024)

Pokémon Horizons: The Series (part 2)

The Ultimatum: South Africa (S1)

11 May

Mark Twain Prize Awards (2024)

13 May

Klass 95: The Power of Beauty (S1)

Princess Power (S3)

15 May

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal (2024)

16 May

Bridgerton (S3, part 1)

Maestro in Blue (S2)

17 May

The 8 Show (S1)

Power (2024)

Thelma the Unicorn (2024)

20 May

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties (S4)

21 May

Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy (2024)

22 May

Buying London (S1)

Toughest Forces on Earth (S1)

23 May

El vendedor de ilusiones: El caso Generación Zoe (2024)

Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf (S1)

In Good Hands 2 (2024)

Tires (S1)

24 May

Atlas (2024)

Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ Man (2024)

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (S1)

Mulligan (part 2)

My Oni Girl (2024)

29 May

Bionic (2024)

Colors of Evil Red (2024)

The Life You Wanted (S1)

30 May

Eric (limited series)

Geek Girl (S1)

31 May

A Part of You (2024)

Raising Voices (S1)