The Funniest Moments From Dumb And Dumber


It came out in 1994 and it wasn’t long before fans of Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) were quoting and acting out some of the best gags from the original Farrelly Brothers comedy.

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The concept was simple: two magnificent idiots set out on a road trip to Colorado to return a briefcase to Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), not realising that she left it at the airport deliberately after receiving a ransom demand for her husband.

There’s now a sequel, so we thought it was about time we looked back on some of our favourite moments from the original. Warning: there are minor spoilers, but let’s face it, you’ve all watched it, right?

Snowball fight


Harry and Mary appear to be having a lovely time playing in the snow, that is until Mary lightly tosses a snowball which hits Harry and causes the mood to change.

A joke that gets better the more times you see it, Daniels’ face turns from goofy smile to cold fury and he lets Ms. Swanson have it in the face from point blank range. Not only that, but he’s actually pleased with what he sees as rebalancing the scales. He then proceeds to almost suffocate her by shoving her face into the snow before the smile reappears.

Dodgy stomach


There have been various comedy films where people get the trots. Few of them are as noisy as this one – as Harry evacuates his bowels after Lloyd catches him in a lie about his relationship with Mary and spikes his drink with industrial grade laxative.

To make matters worse, Harry is caught short at Mary’s house, necessitating a visit to a lavatory which doesn’t appear to have a working flush. Hence the photo here, in which Harry tries to ditch the evidence.

Ice + tongue = ouch


There’s no doubt that several post-‘Dumb and Dumber’ ski trips involved an incident like this thanks to the film. Harry lets his curiosity get the better of him on the ski lift and before he knows it, he’s going round and round like a carousel. It’s left to Mary to do some serious yanking in order to get him free.

Probably the funniest bit is when Harry tries to speak with his tongue attached to the pole and lets loose a river of drool as a result.

Hotter than the sun


This brilliant sequence ends with an unfortunate, accidental death, but before that, Harry and Lloyd both try one of the so-called atomic peppers at a roadside diner called Dante’s Inferno, promising “the hottest food east of the Mississippi”.

Initially unaffected – “it’s more tingly than hot” – the heat soon kicks in and everyone in the restaurant gets to hear about it. Apparently, ketchup and mustard squirted onto the tongue help, though there’s no medical evidence for that.

“Just go, man”


By the time they finally roll into Aspen on their mini-scooter, both of our heroes are freezing. You can tell by the icy snot fangs. So when Harry, riding pillion, tells Lloyd that he needs to go to the loo, Lloyd doesn’t bother stopping to find a toilet. Instead he lets, ahem, the liquid natural body heat both warm them up for a moment. It’s both gross and strangely poignant.

Do not try it on with my imaginary girlfriend

We’ve all daydreamed while driving along a lonely motorway, but maybe not quite as graphically as Lloyd when he starts to ponder his perfect life with Mary once they finally return her suitcase and she falls into his arms.

In his fantasy, he takes her on a date to a restaurant where all the maître d gets just a little too comfortable with her, causing Lloyd to take a stand. That involves him ripping the still-beating heart out of a chef-cum-martial artist, as well as breaking the maître d’s arm and giving a waiter’s crotch a severe beating (which he finishes off with his teeth).

‘Dumb and Dumber To’ is out on 19 December.

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Photos: Moviestore/Rex/New Line Cinema