Netflix responds to 'The Notebook' edit controversy

The Notebook fans left distraught as Netflix CHANGES the film’s heart-breaking ending
The Notebook fans left distraught as Netflix CHANGES the film’s heart-breaking ending

The Notebook fans, we hope that you’re sitting next to the person you love, with your hand gently resting in theirs, because we have some monumentally bad news. If you’re not a Notebook fan, you should be warned that spoilers follow.

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Okay, for everyone who’s still with us – you’ll probably have seen the news that Netflix UK changed the ending of The Notebook, removing the conclusion to the framing device which sees the couple at the heart of the movie reuniting in old age, with a final scene that shows them DYING IN EACH OTHER’S ARMS (well, holding hands, but you know what we mean).

It’s a beautiful conclusion to an epic love story, but Netflix apparently decided that the film would be better off without it, because… sure?

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Now, Netflix have responded, and it’s not the best explanation we’ve ever retweeted.

So, yeah, it’s not their fault, and apparently everyone who’s upset about their time being wasted watching the film doesn’t know enough about cinema (we know there are multiple version of movies, Netflix, we just didn’t expect you to make us watch the absolute worst one).

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Author Nicholas Sparks has also responded to the situation, and he’s just as baffled as we are.

“I didn’t know it was coming,” Sparks said. “So, I find out about this the same way everyone else does and they think, ‘hmm.’ For me, it’s an opinion thing, it’s a different ending, you are definitely going to have an opinion on it one way or another.”

We certainly do have an opinion, Nicholas. Let’s hope Netflix get the correct version uploaded as soon as possible, so we can go back to watching one of the greatest films ever made, sobbing into our popcorn as we do so.

Update: They have uploaded the correct version, yay!