Netflix says 64 million people watched season three of 'Stranger Things'

Ben Arnold
Stranger Things (Credit: Netflix)
Stranger Things (Credit: Netflix)

The third season of teen sci-fi Stranger Things brought in viewers in record numbers, according to Netflix.

The streaming platform claims that a staggering 64 million users watched the show in its first month online.

As continues to be the case, Netflix's viewing figures are not subject to the same independent scrutiny as TV ratings, so we only have the company's word for it.

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It maintains that it only counts a ‘view’ as a household account watching more than 70 percent of a show or a movie.

In terms of binge-watch stats, apparently 18 million households watched the whole season run in just a few days, with 40.7 million tuning in in the first week.

This all points to the Duffer brothers’ nostalgia fest being Netflix's most important original programming, and little wonder they confirmed a fourth series from the show-makers last month, along with a further 'multi-year' deal, according the Deadline.

Tall Girl (Credit: Netflix)
Tall Girl (Credit: Netflix)

Other big hitting show for the platform, announced in a quarterly call to shareholders, were acclaimed drama series Unbelievable, which brought in 32 million households in 28 days, and the movie Tall Girl, which saw 41 million views over the same period.

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The service should also clock in sizeable numbers from the next few months too, with Martin Scorsese's The Irishman set to land at the end of November.

Also on the way are Eddie Murphy's critically lauded Dolemite Is My Name, and the Michael Bay/Ryan Reynolds actioner 6 Underground.