Neve Campbell Happy To Be Done With Scream

The ‘Scream’ movies may have brought actress Neve Campbell to international film stardom, but she seems to be pleased that they’re over and done with.


Asked by The Guardian about her years playing the perpetual ‘final girl’ Sidney Prescott, the 42-year old actress says, “I’m so glad those days are over. I felt I was being forced into being something I wasn’t – all the time.”

We should stress that it’s not entirely clear whether Campbell is referring specifically to the ‘Scream’ series, or the roles in she was offered in general in the late 1990s.

Either way, she does not dismiss the good the films did for her: “I’ve been very sensible with the money I made, and I did make good money.”

Campbell landed the lead role in 1996′s ‘Scream’ whilst a TV star on ‘Party of Five,’ and not long after taking a supporting role in another teen horror, ‘The Craft.’

She would return in all three sequels - the last of which , 2011′s ‘Scream 4,’ proved to be the final film of late director Wes Craven. Even so, Campbell has little interest in returning to horror movies, for which she notes she still gets regular offers.


Indeed, her overall disinterest in the work that was available (plus harassment from a stalker) played a large role in her departing Hollywood in favour of London in 2007:

“I wasn’t interested in the things I was being offered. I was sitting in LA getting sad. I lived there for 13 years and I never felt at home… LA is very isolating. It’s not a walking city and it’s not a very cultured city. In London I got culture, that’s for sure.”

Having since relocated to Brooklyn, Campbell is now starring in Netflix series ‘House of Cards.’

Picture Credit: Dimension Films, WENN

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