New Adam Sandler movie 'Uncut Gems' has some of the most F-bombs in movie history

Uncut Gems (Credit: A24/Netflix)
Uncut Gems (Credit: A24/Netflix)

Adam Sandler could be up for an Oscar nomination for his bravura performance in the Safdie brothers' new movie Uncut Gems.

But if he doesn't walk away with a statue on the night, he can take solace in the fact that he utters some of the most swear words in the history of the movies.

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Sandler plays Howard Ratner in the movie, a jeweller in New York's diamond district with an all-consuming gambling addiction.

He's also addicted to dropping the f-bomb, and utters the word a staggering 408 times in the movie's 135 minute screen time.

That's a fraction over three f**ks per minute, making the movie the seventh sweariest of all time, according to parents’ movie review site ScreenIt.

Casino (Credit: Universal Pictures)
Casino (Credit: Universal Pictures)

It places the movie one place below Martin Scorsese's Casino, which comes in at number six.

As for the top five, Gary Oldman's gritty British drama Nil By Mouth comes in at five with 428 on the f**k count, Spike Lee's Summer of Sam at four with 435, and Scorsese's other sweary classic The Wolf of Wall Street with 569.

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However, the top two movies are special cases, the swear figures really leaping up.

At number two is F**k, a documentary about the word which squeezed it in 857 times, with Canadian comedy Swearnet: The Movie, made by the filthy minds behind Trailer Park Boys, in at number one with 935 utterances.

Starring Sandler alongside Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox and Eric Bogosian, Uncut Gems arrives in UK cinemas on January 10.