New Duncan Jones movie Mute is heading for Netflix

Netflix subscribers rejoice… the new movie from Duncan Jones is heading directly for the streaming service as well as your local cinema.

‘Tarzan’ star Alexander Skarsgård told the Empire magazine podcast: “I think they’ll do what they did with ‘Beasts Of No Nation, where they do a theatrical simultaneously to a Netflix release.”

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Skarsgård is starring in the sci-fi movie, which ‘Moon’ director Jones has said is indebted to the world of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’.

“I’ve just got back from Dublin where Duncan showed me all the renderings and the visuals of it,” added Skarsgård, “and I’m very, very excited about it.”

The movie is actually shooting – and is set – in Berlin, in a dystopian future, with Skarsgård playing a mute bartender looking for his missing girlfriend.

“It’s about a guy who was in an accident as a kid,” he fills in. “He’s ex-Amish, so he lives a very monastic life: he doesn’t have a cellphone or anything like that. He’s left the [Amish] community but he still kinda follows the rules.”

Jones – who is the son of the late David Bowe – is just emerging from the fallout of his directorship of the ‘Warcraft’ movie, which was hammered by critics and failed at the box office.

However, fans of his stylish, micro-budgeted debut ‘Moon’ and its follow-up ‘Source Code’ will doubtless be overjoyed at the sound of this new project.

In fact, it’s been rumoured that Sam Rockwell’s character from the mind-bending ‘Moon’, released in 2009, may make an appearance in the new movie.

As for any confirmation of the rumour, Skarsgård would only offer ‘maybe’.

But Paul Rudd is also among the cast, playing a surgeon with possible clues as to the missing girl’s whereabouts.

No news yet on a release date, but one would hope it would be sometime next year.

Meanwhile, Skarsgård is next up in crime comedy ‘War On Everyone’, due out next month.

Image credits: Universal/Warner Bros/Sony