Tom Hanks shocks couple by photobombing their wedding pictures

“A big thank you to the bridesmaids for looking lovely, and also to Tom Hanks for really adding to the wedding photos…”

You can always count on Tom Hanks to be great.

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And on cue, the actor happened to wandering through Central Park in New York, where newlywed couple Elisabeth and Ryan were having pictures taken of their big day.

Hanks posed for some shots, the bride in particular looking pretty amazed by the turn of events.

As well as kissing the bride’s hand in a most chivalrous fashion, the ‘Castaway’ star even snapped a selfie of himself with the couple, and later stuck it up on his Twitter page in congratulations.

Meg Miller was the photographer who got lucky, posting the pics up on her Facebook page (and now likely getting herself booked up until 2019 in the process).

The pics also went rather viral on Reddit too.

It reminds us of the time in 2012 that Hanks posed with some ‘loaded’ students at a pizza restaurant in North Dakota.

That too was classic Hanks.

Image credits: Meg Miller/Facebook/Reddit