Nick Frost to play Captain Pugwash in live-action movie

Frost... set to play Captain Pugwash in live-action movie - Credit: PA
Frost… set to play Captain Pugwash in live-action movie – Credit: PA

The live-action movie of ‘Captain Pugwash’ has now found its star – in Nick Frost.

The ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’ actor will be taking to the high seas playing the cowardly sea-farer in the new iteration of the classic cartoon.

“Besides Winston Churchill and Henry VIII, Captain Horatio Pugwash seems like a role I was born to play,” said Frost.

“I cannot wait to get going.”

Added producer Elliot Jenkins: “Nick just has funny bones and he’s perfect to bring our pompous, cowardly, pugnacious, fun-loving hero to life.

“What’s more I know he wants to give the role a really fresh, modern spin.”

(Credit: PA)
(Credit: PA)

Also on the bill is ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ star Jason Flemyng, with more casting news to follow.

The story will centre on the bumbling Pugwash as he’s sent on a boat to Botany Bay. Escaping, he boards the Black Pig on a mission to save Tom the Cabin Boy’s father from a volcanic island, where he’s guarding a hoard of treasure from an army of angry ghosts.

He’ll also cross paths with his mortal enemy, Cut-Throat Jake.

Fellow producer Justin Johnson said: “Today’s audiences are going to love our funny, fresh, indie take on Pugwash.

“It will be as if Peter Cook had run into Blackadder at a party, had a few too many rums and set off on a mad voyage together. In fact a lot of the time we think it will be adults who will be dragging their kids along to see what we’ve made of their childhood hero.”

First hitting screens in 1957, cartoonist John Ryan’s creation became a children’s classic all the way into the 1980s, thanks in no small measure to Pugwash’s range of exclamations, from ‘Plundering porpoises!’ to ‘Lolloping landlubbers!’

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