Noah Premiere Live: Watch Russell Crowe and Emma Watson on red carpet

Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and the rest of the Noah cast will walk the red carpet this evening in London’s Leicester Square at the Noah premiere.

[Noah no.1 in the US box office]

Yahoo are live-streaming all the action from the event, so sit back and enjoy all the dresses, all the tuxedos and all the exclusive interviews. Watch it below.

Directed by critically acclaimed helmer Darren Aronofsky, the film sees Russell Crowe play Noah, Jennifer Connolly his wife Naameh, Emma Watson his stepdaughter Ila, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth his sons Ham and Shem.

Ray Winstone meanwhile plays materialstic antagonist Tubal-cain and Anthony Hopkins Noah’s grandfather Methuselah.

The visually stunning film is already the number one movie in the US, and is released in the UK on 4 April.