Creepy Paddington Meme Turns Bear Into Scare

The first pictures of ‘Paddington Bear’ and his big-screen appearance arrived yesterday, but it appears not everyone is enamoured of the famous suitcase-carrier’s look.

A Tumblr page has sprung up under the hashtag #creepypaddington inserting Pads into various horror movies.

And you know what? He kind of fits right in.

Here he is waiting to stab Janet Leigh in the ‘Psycho’ shower scene.

Not only did John Hurt have to deal with something bursting out of his chest, the ‘Alien’ creature was also wearing a duffle coat to protect himself from the blood spatter.

“The power of Paddington compels you! The power of Paddington compels you!”

In their rush to escape the zombies, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost didn’t notice the shadowy ursine presence…


“I ate his liver with some marmalade…” (you get the drift)

And finally, well, this ‘Ring’ spoof is just legitimately terrifying.

'Paddington Bear' will haunt your dreams from 28 November.