Paralympian masters Halloween costumery with epic Lumiere outfit

Ben Arnold
Lumiere… epic new Halloween costume from Josh Sundquist – Credit: Josh Sundquist/Instagram

Josh Sundquist has once again won Halloween, his latest costume transforming him into Lumiere from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

The paralympic ski star has been turning out stunning costumes for the past few years, but has surpassed himself with this latest effort.

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Posting a video online, he takes us through the painstaking transformation process, involving papier mache, tailoring, a lamé morph suit, modelling clay and a brand new silicon nose.

The results are impressive, and should give Ewan McGregor pause for thought – he’s playing the Franco-anthropomorphic candelabra in the forthcoming live-action version of Disney’s classic cartoon.

Sundquist was only nine-years-old when he lost his leg to Ewing’s sarcoma, but started skiing aged 15, before turning professional at 17.

He competed in the 2006 Paralympic Games in Turin, and now makes his living as a writer and motivational speaker.

And Halloween costume master.

Past costumes have all played on his missing limb, including a gingerbread man, the ‘leg lamp’ from ‘A Christmas Story’, a flamingo, and a foosball player.