Paul Hogan to play himself in 'new Crocodile Dundee movie'

Crocodile Dundee (Credit: Fox)
Crocodile Dundee (Credit: Fox)

Paul Hogan could be set to don his famous outback hat once again in a new movie.

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee will find the Australian actor playing himself in a comedy set to start filming in Australia, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

According to Variety, it will see Hogan as he’s poised to collect a knighthood for his services to comedy, until everything goes horribly wrong, leaving his reputation in tatters.

It’ll be helmed by Dean Murphy, who’s directed Hogan in a number of other movies, including 2004’s I Now Pronounce You Vince and Ralph, 2009’s Charlie & Boots, and this year’s That’s Not My Dog.

Said Hogan of the project: “Watch this space as I’ve been honored to have many of my friends and colleagues, whose work I adore, agree to join us for this hilarious new adventure.”

Hopes were high that a reboot/sequel to Crocodile Dundee was in the offing in January this year, when a series of ‘trailers’ appeared online for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home.

It found Danny McBride playing the long lost son of Mick Dundee heading back to Australia to meet his father.

They featured a host of Aussie stars from Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman to Margot Robbie, but were later revealed to be a ‘hoax’, and in fact were ads for the Tourism Australia, to be shown during the Super Bowl.

The first Crocodile Dundee movie arrived in 1986, and saw Hogan as the rough diamond outbacksman turned fish-out-of-water in New York.

It made an astonishing $328 million (around $733 million today) from its $8 million budget, and catapulted Hogan to worldwide fame.

The sequel in 1988 was less successful, however, and an ill-advised third, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, arrived in 2001.

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