Peaky Blinders: Has Polly really betrayed Tommy Shelby?

Episode 4 of Peaky Blinders series 4 ended with Tommy heading into possibly the most dangerous situation he’s ever faced. If you’ve seen every episode of the show so far, you’ll know that’s a pretty bold claim. The Peaky Blinders are well known for getting into terrifically dangerous situations. If you’re not up to date with the series so far, be prepared for spoilers ahead.


Episode 4 left viewers with the biggest cliff-hanger of the series to date. Tommy, seemingly none the wiser, is being followed by a car full of Changretta and his gun-toting goons. He’d just left the hospital after seeing Polly’s boy Michael. Michael’s strangely ominous final words to Tommy were ‘Have a good weekend’. But the look on Tommy’s face says he may well know what’s up.

If the revelation that Tommy was driving into an ambush wasn’t enough, the camera panned to disclose that Polly is staring after his car. The bombshell that Polly was working with Changretta had already been dropped the previous week. This final look appeared to confirm her guilt.

Polly’s betrayal

Or did it? Despite what we have seen of Polly this series, it still must have come as a shock to see her betray Tommy after all these years. She certainly hasn’t been too happy with Tommy ever since he got the family imprisoned in series 3. Her moments in the noose have left her a changed woman. But betrayal of Tommy seems like a step too far.

There’s an interesting parallel here though with one of the other threads covered in episode 4. Mrs Ross, incapable of forgiving the Shelby family for their past actions, was definitely out for revenge. She lured Arthur to her house under false pretences in order for the Changrettas to get a shot at him.

Luckily for Arthur, it was all a decoy, but this showed a character that has not forgiven or forgotten what the Shelbys have done to her. Could Polly be another character that really wants her revenge? Or is it more about just protecting her son Michael from imminent death at the hands of the Italians?

If Polly really has betrayed Tommy, then she seems to be doing a good job. Tommy will have a hard time getting out of the predicament we saw him in at the end of episode 4. But this is Tommy Shelby. And even if Polly has thrown him to the Italians, Tommy may just be wise to her game already. If he is on to her, then two things are certain. 1. Tommy will survive the trap that has been laid. 2. Polly will not survive the rest of this series.

What do you think? Has Polly really turned her back on Tommy, or are they still working together for survival?

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