Pennywise The Clown from It seems to be the internet's new crush

What’s the opposite of coulrophobia? Well, thanks to actor Bill Skarsgård, plenty of people seem to have it. Badly.

While most people are – perhaps rightly – terrified of his turn as shape-shifting monster Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the new take on Stephen King’s ‘It’, others are finding themselves confused with their feelings.

And they’re reaching out online, feeling around in the dark in the hope that others may feel the same way they do.

Aaaah right, so everyone means out of costume, not IN costume, right?

Oh. Right.

27-year-old Skarsgård, son of Stellan Skarsgård and brother of Alexander, is indeed easy on the eye, though that’s somewhat harder to spot under all the make-up.

He’s appeared in modelling campaigns for the likes of H&M, and fashion spreads in GQ magazine too.

(Credit: Getty)
(Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, here’s Skarsgård doing the Pennywise grin without the make-up.

Sleep well!

Now we don’t know what to think.

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