People aren't happy with Johnny Depp being called an 'outlaw' on the cover of GQ

Hanna Flint
Johnny Depp’s GQ cover critised
Johnny Depp’s GQ cover critised

GQ has been accused of glamorising Johnny Depp’s alleged destructive behaviour on the cover of its latest issue.

TheFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the latest celebrity to grace the men’s magazine front page, alongside an interview, but people have taken issue with him being described as an ‘outlaw.’

Depp has been accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic violence, is being sued for allegedly punching a crew member during the production of City of Lies, and there are several allegations of destructive behaviour fuelled by alcohol and drugs, so the idea that he is some sort of loveable rogue has not gone down well.

Though some people loved the piece, much more than the Rolling Stone cover story he featured in last June, which the actor describes in the GQ interview as a sham.

Depp claimed journalist Stephen Rodrick “walked in with absolutely one intention. And I could see it and I thought maybe I could help him understand, you know?” as well as slamming the magazine’s co-founder and publisher.

“I trusted Jann Wenner, as I knew him through Hunter [S. Thompson],” Depp said. “I trusted what the magazine stood for, or what it used to stand for. I wanted Jann to see if he could write, to see if a piece could be written… to put things in perspective. That’s all, just to put things in perspective.”

Looks like the actor got the perspective he wanted this time around.

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