People are furious that The Boss Baby is up for an Oscar

The Boss Baby can now legitimately call itself ‘ the Oscar-nominated animation The Boss Baby‘.

With Alec Baldwin voicing Theodore Lindsey Templeton, a baby with the mind of an adult CEO, it may have made nearly $500 million, but strangely didn’t feature on many best of 2017 lists.

So the the fact that it’s up there with Dunkirk and Darkest Hour appears to be a bitter pill for some people to take.

Firstly, people are angry that it’s managed to scrape a nomination where the roundly loved Wonder Woman has not.

And secondly, animation fans are angry that Boss Baby got a nomination while Lego Batman has found itself snubbed, despite scorchingly good reviews.

The Boss Baby goes up against The Breadwinner, about a girl who must dress as a boy in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Pixar’s latest Coco, bullfighting tale Ferdinand and the pioneering Loving Vincent, the first fully painted animated movie.

Find out who wins in March 4.

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