People are removing Donald Trump from 'Home Alone 2'

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Now that Donald Trump is being removed from office, he's also being removed from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Trump found his way into the movie because director Chris Columbus was filming a scene in the famous Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time.

He agreed to let Columbus film there in exchange for a cameo role, in which he gives Macaulay Culkin directions to the lobby.

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But since Trump's ascendance to the presidency in 2016, his appearance has marred the family classic for many, and now – with the democrats hoping to successfully impeach him for inciting the violence that erupted in Washington last week – now film buffs are replacing him in the movie.

It began with people calling for his digital removal from the film, with a popular replacement being that of Sound of Music legend Christopher Plummer.

However, since then, things have ramped up a bit, with the casting switch now approaching full meme levels of engagement.

Among the suggested replacements are a varied range of considerably more beloved folk, from Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves, to Doctor Who star Matt Smith (strangely) Jabba The Hutt and (obviously) Joe Biden.

Some have even suggested that older, off-the-rails era Macaulay replace Trump.

Last year, Columbus spoke about how Trump had 'bullied' his way into getting a role in the movie, back in 1992.

Speaking to Insider, he said: “Like most locations in New York City, you just pay a fee and you are allowed to shoot in that location. We approached The Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time, because we wanted to shoot in the lobby. We couldn't rebuild The Plaza on a soundstage.

“Trump said OK. We paid the fee, but he also said, 'The only way you can use the Plaza is if I'm in the movie.' So we agreed to put him in the movie, and when we screened it for the first time the oddest thing happened: People cheered when Trump showed up on-screen.

“So I said to my editor, 'Leave him in the movie. It's a moment for the audience.' But he did bully his way into the movie.”

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