Pete Davidson is having his tattoos removed

Watch: Pete Davidson talks tattoo removal

By Suzy Byrne

Pete Davidson is having tattoo regret.

The Saturday Night Live star, 27, revealed during a virtual Q&A for his film The King of Staten Island that he is in the process of removing his ink.

Film critic Mike McGranaghan, from Aisle Seat, attended the event and shared the news.

When someone asked if McGranaghan if he was serious, and he replied that it was “real,” adding that Davidson “even showed his hand, which is already done. He said it takes 3-4 hours in the makeup chair to cover them, so he figured ‘it would be easier to get them burned off.’"

Davidson’s tattoo-loving fans were largely disappointed by the news.

Davidson is known for his tattoos, which have been inspired by loves, politicians (Hillary Clinton), TV (Game of Thrones) and film (Harry Potter).

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In 2018, he had more than 40, including one covering up ex Ariana Grande’s name.

The top part of Davidson's left sleeve is an homage to his father, a firefighter who died in 9/11. It’s unclear if he would remove those.

Davidson has spoken a lot about his ink, saying it’s been part of his coping with his mental health struggles, including his diagnosis with borderline personality disorder after years of battling depression and anxiety.

"I cut my chest," Davidson told Charlemagne tha God earlier this year.

"That's why I started getting tats on my chest, to cover them. It's just a release, if you can't get a tattoo... When [I'm] so manic and upset, sometimes that's the only thing that will work for me."

Actor Pete Davidson presents a creation from Alexander Wang's "AW Collection 1" at the Rockefeller Center in New York, U.S., May 31, 2019. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Pete Davidson in the Alexander Wang fashion show in May 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

In that interview, he added that rehab — he sought treatment at the Sierra Tucson treatment centre in Arizona over the holidays last year — taught him healthier ways to cope, like listening to music or taking a cold shower, which has helped his recovery.